Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Fault

Visual art is located at a metaphysical fissure, where two planes of existence, mind and matter, collide and scrape and buckle. The footing is often unstable. There are the acrid wisps of seeping vapor. But most of the time not much happens. An occasional creak or shudder can create a slight tingle of panic in the belly. Sometimes the feeling can stay with you for days. It's a rather dicey place to build a life, but on clear days the view is good and there is the vague, oddly comforting edginess that comes from knowing that something interesting could happen at any moment. I choose to build here because every painting, every drawing is a big glowing arrow: Danger. This is the place where matter meets meaning. Perk up, step lightly, pause. You can just sense the world quiver, right here, where the surface goes deep.

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